Powder Gas Tank Radiator Motorcycle Home

Custom Installations - We do all manner of custom installations, modifications or changes. From radiator to electric fans, we can take care of your installation.

Powder Coatings - Powder coating is designed to be more durable and longer lasting then a standard paint job. Things that can be powder coated are such thing as: Motorcycle frames, Wheels, and Under the hood components. Try us out on our fast turn around times.

Gas Tank Renew - We can repair, modify and upgrade to an in-tank pump system. The Renu process is cleaning, sandblasting, coating, and baking the tank in an oven, at a high tempurature. We back up all our Renu inside and out coating with a lifetime warranty. We also offer new gas tank sending units or we can rebuild your original.

Radiator Repair - We repair, rod out, and re-core automotive and industrial radiators. We can restore antique radiators to original condition upon request. We also repair aluminum motorcycle radiators, usually we can repair your old radiator which can save you big money versus buying new.